11 Mayıs 2009 Pazartesi

192 Kyouei Design

"Established 20 years ago in Shizuoka Pref. as a manufacturer of car lighting by his father, the Kyouei company is where Okamoto found himself occupying many roles, from office employee to salesman to delivery man. In 2004, a design section was created, which finally gave Okamoto the opportunity to pursue his growing interest in creating products of his own. The designs he had in mind would strive for a balance of uncluttered form and function.

The first kanji in Okamoto's first name, Kou, represents "light," so it's perhaps natural that this young designer became so attracted to it. His passion for innovative light design certainly shines in the products he has created to date.

Take, for instance, the Balloon Lamp: "I wanted to make a spherical lamp that was functionally simple," he explained. Trying to find a solution for the battery that would power it, he looked into the past and took a hint from the Japanese lamp called the chochin. "[It] was a portable lamp that used a candle during the Edo Period. With the Balloon Lamp, the flame is transformed into an LED, the candle into a lithium cell and the paper shade into a rubber balloon." Because the LED emits no heat, there's no danger of it melting the balloon." devamı

Kyouei Design

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