2 Kasım 2009 Pazartesi

262 The Tudor Pattern Book

Alphabet based on human forms.

Cockatrice and Crocodile. Dragon with human head in mouth. Crayfish.

"The present work, Bodleian MS. Ashmole 1504 ('The Tudor Pattern Book'), is unique in the sense that it is part-bestiary, part-herbal and an important visual record of early cultivated plants. It was produced in East Anglia in about 1520 and its twin (known as the 'Helmingham Herbal and Bestiary' and perhaps a little older than the Ashmole variant) is now part of the Yale Center for British Art collection in Virginia Newhaven, Connecticut." more
*bibliodyssey'den araktır.

cayip kafalar, ejderhanın ağızındaki insan kafası beni aldı götürdü.

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