10 Aralık 2010 Cuma

454 Animal Regulation Series

-Bekledim de gelmedin.

-Su içsem yarıyo.

"25 year old chinese photographer, di liu has been awarded the 2010 lacoste elysée prize.
twelve nominees were selected and given carte blanche to capture and adapt photographically,
the codes of the famous lacoste polo shirt, L. 12.12. each of the selected artists were given a scholarship of CHF 3,000 and had three months to undertake and develop three photographs.

Liu, represented by pekin fine arts, is known for his work which deals with conflicting relationships between nature and human society, generated by the rate of chinese urban development. for his series of three images, he chose to depict three different animals: a rhinoceros, a rabbit and a deer, each piece entitled 'animal regulation no. 6',
'animal regulation no. 8', and 'animal regulation no. 7' respectively. in liu's imagery, these animals become an overwhelming part of daily life in the city."

Gayet güzel işler ve fakat ben kendim haytalık peşindeyim ya o yüzden görsellerin altına yazdığım yazıları isteyen ignore.

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