12 Ağustos 2008 Salı

042 The Face Hunter Show

The Face Hunter Show is a TV-show on MySpace TV hosted by Yvan Facehunter

Yvan and a cameraman go to cities where they think there is something happening. They try to catch up with inventive, colorful, imaginative, productive, original, gifted, graceful, exquisite, fascinating, attractive, unpredictable, graceful, gorgeous, refined, delicate, divine, facehuntable, blooming, clever, rosy, bonny, charismatic, pulchritudinous, fantabulous, well-favored, bewitching, enchanting, appealing, edgy, ravishing, chic, pleasing, winning, alluring, sharp, wild, glamorous, shapely, marvelous, voluptuous, radiant, stunning, classy, talented - and if possible- good-looking people...

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