9 Ocak 2009 Cuma

142 Valery Goulet

"Valery's path as an illustrator began at an early age when she would hang out at her architect father's drafting table surrounded by rulers, T-squares and stencils, scratching up tracing paper with his technical pens. She marveled at her mother's ability to draw perfect circles, wondering when she would be able to do the same and later discovering that it happens while we are not paying attention. She realized her potential while doing a Bachelor's Degree and has never looked back, earning multiple degrees and awards in Illustration and Graphic Design. She currently works full time as an Art Director for an Edmonton-based graphic design studio, pursuing her illustration work on evenings and weekends."

Valery'nin işlerini çok sevdim, özellikle duvar kağıdı olaylarının hastasıyım zaten. Diyecek birşey yok, kıskançlıktan çatladım. Siteye buradan buyrun.

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